Archimedes’ screw (3rd century BC)

Archimedes’ screw (3rd century BC)

The screw pump commonly attributed to Archimedes made irrigation much more effective

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Archimedes, thiết bị nâng nước, thủy lợi, bơm trục vít, sự phát minh, nước, người phát minh, kết cấu, nông nghiệp, ỗng gỗ rỗng, trục, đẩy bằng tay, Công nghệ, máy móc, cơ khí, cổ xưa, lịch sử

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Ancient Egyptian sailing boat

The river and marine sailing boats of ancient Egypt were one-masted, oared boats

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The outcome of one of the greatest battles in the history of the ancient East (fought by the Egyptians and Hittites) was indecisive.

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Egyptian Pharaohs were respected as gods, they were lords of life and death.

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The Ancient Greek scientist, Euclid of Alexandria, is often referred to as the 'father of geometry'.

How does it work? - Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner creates a partial vacuum and sucks up dust with the help of the incoming high-pressure air.

Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop (Florence, 16th century)

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Theatre of Dionysus (Athens, 4th century BC)

The theatre that has a distinctive shape and excellent acoustics was situated at the side of the Acropolis in Athens.

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Two meshing gears transmit torque during their rotational motion.

Ancient Egyptian house

An average Egyptian dwelling consisted of regularly arranged rooms.

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Hero of Alexandria is the inventor of the first steam engine, although he regarded it as an entertaining toy.

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The ingenius water pump designed by Al-Jazari is a great example of the creativity of Medieval Arab engineers.

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These great scientists had a tremendous impact on the advancement in physics.

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This animation demonstrates the functioning of the 3 basic types of water tap.

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