Boeing 747 (1969)

Boeing 747 (1969)

The Jumbo Jet is one of the best known airliners.


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How does it work? - Turbojet

This animation demonstrates how a turbojet engine works.

Airbus A380 (2005)

The double-decked, wide-bodied passenger aircraft can carry more then 500 passengers.

Oro uostas

Oro uostai teikia aviacijai reikalingą infrastruktūrą ir paslaugas.

Bombardier CRJ200 (1991)

The small passenger aircraft is designed for speed, convenience and economical operation.

Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon (China, 2017)

The Chengdu J-20, also known as Mighty Dragon, is a multiple function stealth fighter aircraft.

Clothing (Western Europe,1960s)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Concorde (1969)

The first supersonic passenger airliner entered service in 1976.

De Havilland DH-106 Comet 1 (1949)

The aircraft manufactured by the British de Haviland company was the world's first mass-produced commercial jetliner.

The history of aviation

The animation offers a summary of the history of aviation from the Middle Ages.

B-17 Flying Fortress (JAV, 1938 m.)

Sunkųjį bombonešį ´Flying Fortress´ Jungtinių Valstijų armijos karinėms oro pajėgoms sukūrė kompanija „Boeing“.

F-16 „Kovojantis sakalas” (JAV, 1978 m.)

"Kovojantis sakalas" yra sėkmingiausias orlaivis iš daugiafunkcinių naikintuvų kategorijos.

Junkers G 24 floatplane

A floatplane (sometimes called hydroplane) is an aircraft capable of taking off not only dry land, but water too.

Junkers JU-52 (1932)

The most popular European-made transport aircraft before World War II.

MIG-31 (Sovietų Sąjunga, 1982 m.)

Sovietų Sąjungoje sukurtas dviejų variklių naikintuvas - perėmėjas buvo pradėtas naudoti 1982 m.

U-2 ’Dragon Lady’ (USA, 1957)

The efficient reconnaissance aircraft has been used by the CIA since the Cold War.

Otto Lilienthal’s glider

The German engineer Otto Lilienthal was the first person to make successful flights with a glider designed by himself.

Wright Flyer I (1903)

The Wright Flyer was the first successful powered, heavier-than-air aircraft, designed and built by the Wright brothers.

Zeppelin airship, LZ 129 Hindenburg

A Zeppelin is a type of rigid-framed airship.

Zeppelin airship, LZ 17 Sachsen (1913)

A Zeppelin is a type of controllable, rigid airship.

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