Persian pontoon bridge (5th century BC)

King Darius as well as Xerxes built pontoon bridges across the Bosphorus for the Persian...

Peptide bond

Amino acids that make up proteins are bound by peptide bonds.

Russian Tsar Peter I with his wife

Influenced by Western Europe, the Tsar attempted to modernise the Russian Empire.

Ottoman architecture in Hungary (17th century)

Remnants of Ottoman architecture in Hungary include the Gazi Kasim Pasha Mosque in Pécs...

Weapons (World War I)

World War I brought major changes in military technology, due to the development of new...

Noah’s ark

According to the Bible Noah was ordered by God to build a large vessel to save his family...

Flat feet

Flat feet, or fallen arches, may cause a number of health problems.

British soldier (World War I)

During World War I, Britain was part of the military alliance called the ´Triple Entente´.

Colouring a cube

Colouring the vertices, edges and faces of a given cube according to the criteria...

Common kingfisher

The characteristic colours of the common kingfisher aid the bird in catching its prey.


Crystalline allotrope of elemental carbon, the hardest known natural substance.

F-16 Fighting Falcon (USA, 1978)

The Fighting Falcon is the most successful aircraft in the category of multi-purpose...

Common blackbird

This animation demonstrates birds' bones and eggs through the example of the common...

The fortress of Oradea (1775)

The fortress of Oradea in Transylvania is a good example of medieval fortress architecture.

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