Hypothalamic-pituitary axis

The Hypothalamic-pituitary axis is the regulating centre of our endocrine system.

Electric surface transport

Trolleybuses and trams are environment-friendly means of public transport

Cities of the world

This animation demonstrates the geographical locations of the Earth's major cities.

V-1 flying bomb

The V-1 flying bomb was an early pulse-jet-powered cruise missile developed in Nazi...

Types of stars

This animation demonstrates the process of star development for average and massive stars.


In ecology, a niche is a term describing the way of life of a species.


The process of the decay of unstable nuclei is called radioactivity.

USS Missouri (US, 1944)

The battleship USS Missouri, first deployed during WWII was also deployed in the Gulf War.

Stirling engine - hot-air engine

Stirling engines are also known as external combustion engines. Unlike internal...

How does it work? – Cinema projector

This animation demonstrates the design and operation of a traditional cinema projector.

How does it work? - Differential gear

A differential allows the driven wheels of a car to rotate at different speeds when the...

The urinary system

The urinary system serves for the removal of harmful and useless materials from the body.

Passive house

In a passive house a comfortable inner temperature can be ensured without the use of...

Иық бұлшықеттері

Иық белдеуінде екі қарама-қарсы жұмыс істейтін бұлшықеттер орналасқан: алдыңғы бүккіш...

3D Tangram

A special, 3D version of the well-known Chinese logical game.


Entertaining and spectacular animation to practise orientation in space.

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