Persian monarch (5th century BC)

Persian monarch (5th century BC)

Ancient Persian monarchs were famous for the size of their empire and their wealth.



Парсы елі, Парсы империясы, Persian ruler, Дарий, III Дарий, I Дарий, Old Persian, Ксеркс, II Кир, ruler, король, autocracy, empire, royal insignia, ежелгі дүние, clothing, тарих, general

Байланысты экстралар

Legendary ancient empires

Numerous legendary empires were built (and destroyed) in the course of history.

Persian warrior (5th century BC)

The excellent archers were feared members of the Persian army

Македон шабуыл мұнарасы (б.з.д. 4 ғасыр)

Александр Македонскийдің әскері техникалық құралдардың көмегімен бекіністерді де сәтті...

Гавгамела шайқасы (б.з.д. 331 ж.)

Тактикалық шеберлікпен өткен шайқаста ІІІ Ұлы Александр (Ескендір Зұлқарнайын) парсыларды...

Battle of Issus (333 BC)

The battle ended with the overwhelming victory of the Macedonian army over the Persian...

Battle of Marathon (490 BC)

The marathon running event was instituted in commemoration of the run of a Greek soldier...

Battle of Salamis (480 BC)

The Greek fleet owed their success to their good tactics and their fast and easily...

Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC)

The battle of the Greek-Persian War became famous for the heroic sacrifice of the Spartan...

Bireme (ancient oared warship)

A bireme is a type of ancient warship, with a characteristic pointed bow and two decks of...

Egyptian Pharaoh and his wife (2nd millennium BC)

Egyptian Pharaohs were respected as gods, they were lords of life and death.

Greek and Macedonian phalanx formation

The phalanx formation was a military formation of the Greek heavy infantry.

Mesopotamian inventions (3rd millennium BC)

These tools, revolutionary even in their simplicity, are still in use today.

Persian pontoon bridge (5th century BC)

King Darius as well as Xerxes built pontoon bridges across the Bosphorus for the Persian...

Вавилон қаласы (ж. с. д. 6-ншы ғасыр)

Вавилон Ежелгі Месопотамиядағы ортасынан Ефрат өзені ағып өткен қала.

Aztec ruler (15th century)

The Aztec Empire was a despotic, militaristic state ruled by the tlatoani.

Byzantine Emperor (6th century)

The Byzantine Emperor was the head of the Byzantine Empire, the direct continuation of...

Medieval Chinese Emperor

The Emperor of the vast Far-Eastern empire was the lord of life and death.

The Hungarian Crown Jewels

The best-known piece of the Hungarian Crown Jewels is the Holy Crown.

The Macedonian Empire

The legendary ruler and military leader, Alexander the Great, established a vast empire.

Habsburg imperial couple (19th century)

Emperor Franz Joseph I and the beautiful Elisabeth got married in Vienna in 1854, but...

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