Market town (Kingdom of Hungary)

Market town (Kingdom of Hungary)

Market towns became the most common type of towns in the Kingdom of Hungary by the Late Middle Ages.



market town, Мажар корольдігі, елді мекен, жазықтық, ауыл шаруашылығы, peasant, Жазық, trade, church, manor, market square, hosting markets, right, privileged

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Medieval farmhouse

Farmhouses in the Middle Ages were simple, single-storey structures built from earth, mud...

Farmhouse in Central Europe (19th century)

Central European farmhouses in the 19th century had characteristic interior and exterior.

Farming techniques

Farming techniques evolved with the development of human civilisation in the Middle Ages...

Log house

Log houses were a typical type of dwellings in Hungary in the Árpád era.

Royal feast (15th century)

The second wife of Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary, was Beatrice of Aragon.

Single street village with ’strip parcels’

Villages established in valleys usually consisted of houses built on long and narrow...

Wine region

Wines of the Tokaj wine-growing region are well known worldwide.

Ортағасырлық қала өмірінен үзінді

Ортағасырлық қалалардың тас және кірпіштен қаланған көп қабатты тұрғын үйлерден тұратын...

Farm (Hungary, 19th century)

Small farms usually located near the border of rural towns, inhabited by peasants.

Horse mill

Machines powered by animals were mainly used in mills, for grinding grains.

Types of farms and villages

The structure and density of farms and villages depend on the geographical features of...

Жұмысшылар кварталы (19 ғасыр)

Өнеркәсіп төңкерісі дәуірінде үлкен қалаларда антисанитарлық жағдайдағы жұмысшы...

Hungarian settlements of the Arpad era

Pit houses were typical dwellings in the Arpad era.

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