Farming techniques

Farming techniques

Farming techniques evolved with the development of human civilisation in the Middle Ages and the Modern Age.



farming techniques, ауыл шаруашылығы, slash-and-burn cultivation, two-field cultivation, three-field cultivation, crop rotation, plant production, орта ғасырлар

Байланысты экстралар


Байланысты экстралар


Ауыл - адам құраған алғашқы елді мекен түрі.

Abbey of Saint Gall (11th century)

The building complex was one of the most important Benedictine abbeys for centuries.

Clothing (Western Europe, 10-12th century)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Clothing (Western Europe, 5-10th century)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Life on the farm (Hungary)

Farming consists of special agricultural activities.

Location of origin of livestock and crops

Domesticated animals and crops originate from various parts of the world.

Market town (Kingdom of Hungary)

Market towns became the most common type of towns in the Kingdom of Hungary by the Late...

Rococo castle (Fertőd, Hungary)

The palace and park complex is Hungary´s grandest Rococo edifice, often called the...

Single street village with ’strip parcels’

Villages established in valleys usually consisted of houses built on long and narrow...

Types of soil (soil profiles)

This animation demonstrates different types of soil.

Ancient agriculture in the Nile Valley

Ancient Egypt was called the ‘gift of the Nile’, since the river played an important role...

Farm (Hungary, 19th century)

Small farms usually located near the border of rural towns, inhabited by peasants.

Farmhouse in Central Europe (19th century)

Central European farmhouses in the 19th century had characteristic interior and exterior.

Medieval farmhouse

Farmhouses in the Middle Ages were simple, single-storey structures built from earth, mud...

Types of farms and villages

The structure and density of farms and villages depend on the geographical features of...

Wine region

Wines of the Tokaj wine-growing region are well known worldwide.

Мачу-Пикчу (15-інші ғасыр)

Қазіргі Перудің аумағында орналасқан Инктердің ежелгі қаласы Әлемдік мәдени мұраларға жатады.

Mesopotamian inventions (3rd millennium BC)

These tools, revolutionary even in their simplicity, are still in use today.

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