Blitzkrieg strategy (1939-1940)

Blitzkrieg strategy (1939-1940)

This effective strategy was based on the fast and synchronised attack of different branches of the army.



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Байланысты экстралар

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G (Germany, 1941)

A legendary fighter plane used by the German air force in World War II.

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The main protagonists of World War II were tanks.

German soldier (World War II)

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American soldier (World War II)

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Tactics of the Hungarian raiders (9th-10th centuries)

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Пёрл-Харбор шайқасы (1941)

Жапондықтардың қырғын шабуылынан кейін АҚШ Екінші дүниежүзілік соғысқа кірді.

Battle of Midway (1942)

One of the most important battles of World War II proved to be a turning point of the War...

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Hans Christian Andersen´s legendary character comes to life in a diorama.

Trench network (World War I)

Static warfare was one of the characteristics of WWI

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