The device designed to carry out executions more humanely than before was named after a French doctor.

Mir Castle Complex (17th century)

The Mir Castle Complex, situated in the town of Mir, Belarus was built in the Gothic-Renaissance style.

Eiffel Tower (Paris, 1889)

The iron lattice tower, erected for the 1889 World Fair, became the symbol of the capital city of France.

استعمار اروپا از قاره آمریکا (تا سال 1763)

چندین کشور اروپایی به فتح جهان جدید پیوستند و آمریکا را به یک قاره رنگارنگ تبدیل کردند۔

قلعه اگر (قرن شانزدهم)

قلعه ایگر شکل نهایی خود را به دست آورد و به عنوان یک جزء مهم در زنجیره جدید قلعه های مرزی در قرن شانزدهم بدل شد۔

Chain Bridge (Budapest)

The Széchényi Chain Bridge, named after István Széchenyi, was the first permanent bridge across the Danube between Pest and Buda.

The fortress of Oradea (1775)

The fortress of Oradea in Transylvania is a good example of medieval fortress architecture.

Farm (Hungary, 19th century)

Small farms usually located near the border of rural towns, inhabited by peasants.

Russian Tsar Peter I with his wife

Influenced by Western Europe, the Tsar attempted to modernise the Russian Empire.

Ottoman architecture in Hungary (17th century)

Remnants of Ottoman architecture in Hungary include the Gazi Kasim Pasha Mosque in Pécs and the Minaret of Eger.

Battle of Lepanto (1571)

The Ottoman fleet suffered a catastrophic defeat by the fleet of the Holy League.

Battle of Trafalgar (1805)

The British Royal Fleet led by Admiral Lord Nelson defeated the combined Franco-Spanish fleet in the naval battle during the Napoleonic Wars.

چرخ آتش

مدافعان قلعه ایگر یک سلاح کشنده ، یک چرخ آب بسته بندی شده با باروت و روغن اختراع کردند که در سال ۱۵۵۲ جهت محاصره عثمانی موثر واقع شد۔

Haiduk (Hungarian soldiers of the 16th century)

István Bocskay created a successful army from former armed cattle herders in the 16th century.

Oktogon, Budapest (Early 20th century)

A landmark crossroads in the Hungarian capital city at the turn of the century.

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