Mongol Khan (13th century)

Mongol Khan (13th century)

The ruler of the vast Mongol Empire was the Khan.



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Mongol warrior (13th century)

The dreaded warriors of the Mongol Empire helped to make it one of the largest empires in history.

جواهرات سلطنتی مجارستان

معروفترین قطعه ی جواهرات سلطنتی مجارستان، تاج مقدس است۔

امپراتور چینی قرون وسطایی

امپراتور امپراطوری پهناور دور و شرقی ارباب زندگی و مرگ بود۔

امپراطوری مغول

چنگیز خان، حاکم افسانه‌ای مغول، امپراطوری عظیمی را از طریق فتوحات خود تأسیس کرد۔

"مرد طلایی" سکایی- قرن سوم قبل از میلاد

پوشنده زره های پیدا شده در حفاری باستان کورگان ایسیک در قزاقستان "مرد طلایی" نامگذاری شده است۔

شهر ممنوعه- بیجینگ، قرن هفدهم-

شهر ممنوعه یکی از باشکوه ترین و اسرارآمیزترین بناهای تاریخی امپراتوری چین است۔

Battle of Muhi (11–12 April 1241)

The devastating defeat of the Hungarians in the battle against the Mongolians was the result of several bad decisions.

Habsburg imperial couple (19th century)

Emperor Franz Joseph I and the beautiful Elisabeth got married in Vienna in 1854, but their marriage was unfortunately an unhappy one.

Hungarian army in the 15th century (infantry)

One of the main units of Matthias Corvinus´ Black Army was the infantry.

Legendary medieval empires

Numerous legendary empires were built (and destroyed) in the course of history.

Ottoman Sultan (16th century)

The leader of the Ottoman Empire was the Sultan, the lord of life and death.

Tactics of the Hungarian raiders (9th-10th centuries)

The tactics of the Hungarian light cavalry included pretending to retreat, tempting their opponents into breaking their ranks, after which the Hungarians...

The Hungarian army in the 15th century (cavalry)

One of the main units of Matthias Corvinus´ Black Army was the cavalry.

Arab Caliph (7th century)

Caliphs, considered successors of the Prophet Muhammad, were the most important religious leaders of Islam.

Russian Tsar Peter I with his wife

Influenced by Western Europe, the Tsar attempted to modernise the Russian Empire.

فرعون مصر و همسرش - هزاره دوم قبل از میلاد

فرعونیان مصری به عنوان خدایان مورد احترام بودند، آنها پروردگار زندگی و مرگ بودند۔

Indian maharaja with his wife (18th century)

Maharajas were Hindu rulers of large regions of India.

Louis XIV (the Sun King)

The French monarch got his epithet because of his opulent and extravagant lifestyle.

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