Mir Castle Complex (17th century)

Mir Castle Complex (17th century)

The Mir Castle Complex, situated in the town of Mir, Belarus was built in the Gothic-Renaissance style.



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موارد مربوط

برج ها و زیرزمین های قرون وسطایی

ساختار دژها به همراه فناوری نظامی توسعه یافت۔

Gothic brick castle (Gyula, Hungary)

A brick castle in South-East Hungary; its oldest parts were probably built in the late 14th century.

The fortress of Oradea (1775)

The fortress of Oradea in Transylvania is a good example of medieval fortress architecture.

The Varaždin Castle (16th century)

This stunning castle is situated in northern Croatia.

قلعه اگر (قرن شانزدهم)

قلعه ایگر شکل نهایی خود را به دست آورد و به عنوان یک جزء مهم در زنجیره جدید قلعه های مرزی در قرن شانزدهم بدل شد۔

Cannon operation (18th century)

The cannon was an important type of firearms at the beginning of modern history, widespread both on land and water.

Fortress of Szigliget (17th century, Hungary)

The fortress was a member of the chain of fortifications built to protect against the Ottoman invaders. Its construction started in the 13th century.

Himeji Castle

Located close to Osaka, the Japanese castle is also called the White Heron because of its white exterior.

Medieval keep

Keeps were typical buildings in the Middle Ages, also built independently from castles.

Modern empires

Numerous legendary empires were built (and destroyed) in the course of history.

قلعه روکوکو (فرتود، مجارستان)

مجتمع کاخ و پارک بزرگترین بنای روکوکو مجارستان است که غالباً آن را "ورسای مجارستانی" می نامند۔

جنگ های ناپلئونی

ناپلئون اول، کسی که خودش تاج امپراتوری را بر سر گذاشت، یکی از برجسته ترین فرماندهان نظامی تاریخ بود۔

Napoleon´s soldier (19th century)

Napoleon Bonaparte´s Grande Armée was considered invincible.

Russian Tsar Peter I with his wife

Influenced by Western Europe, the Tsar attempted to modernise the Russian Empire.

کشورهای جهان

کسب اطلاعات در مورد موقعیت جغرافیایی، پایتخت ها و پرچم کشورهای جهان از طریق تمرین هایی در سه سطح دشواری۔

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