A sailing vessel with characteristic lugsails used for both military and trade purposes.



junk, sail, sailboat, trade, fleet, watercraft, mast, far-east, transportation, freight transport, manoeuvre, pirate ship

موارد مربوط

سانتا ماریا (قرن پانزدهم)

كشتي سه دكله كريستف كلمب، سانتا ماريا پرچمدار اولين سفر دريايي معروف بود۔

امپراتور چینی قرون وسطایی

امپراتور امپراطوری پهناور دور و شرقی ارباب زندگی و مرگ بود۔

کشتی نفتکش

ظهور کشتی های نفتکش به اواخر قرن ۱۹ میلادی برمی گردد؛ امروز آنها یکی از انواع بزرگترین کشتی ها هستند۔

خانه چینی

سيهوان چینی سنتی مجتمع ساختمانی است که یک حیاط مستطیل شکل را احاطه کرده است۔

شهر ممنوعه- بیجینگ، قرن هفدهم-

شهر ممنوعه یکی از باشکوه ترین و اسرارآمیزترین بناهای تاریخی امپراتوری چین است۔

English battleship (18th century)

English sailing ships were among the best ships in the 17th-19th centuries.

Great Wall of China

A series of fortifications built to prevent incursions from northern nomadic groups.

Liuhe Pagoda (Hangzhou, 12th century)

The Buddhist pagoda of the six Harmonies is located in China, by the River Qiantang.

Medieval Chinese soldier

The equipment of ancient Chinese soldiers was rudimentary.

Namdaemun (Seoul, South Korea, 14th c.)

Designated as the first National Treasure of South Korea, the Namdaemun was one of the major gateways of Seoul's Medieval city walls.

Navigational instruments of the past

Several ingenious instruments have been invented over the centuries to help in navigating the seas.


Pearls, often used as gemstones, are the by-products of certain molluscs' protective mechanisms.

Polynesian catamaran

Polynesians travelled huge distances with their specially designed boats.

Torii (gateway) of the Itsukushima Shrine

The torii is a traditional Japanese gate built at the entrance of shrines.

Viking longship (10th century)

These excellent shipbuilders and sailors travelled great distances on the seas and rivers.

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