English battleship (18th century)

English battleship (18th century)

English sailing ships were among the best ships in the 17th-19th centuries.



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موارد مربوط

کشتی های بادبانی

کشتی های دو دکله، که اولین بار در قرن هفدهم در هلند ساخته شدند، عمدتا به عنوان کشتی های تجاری بکارگرفته می شدند۔

Naval cannon (17th century)

Cannons also appeared in naval warfare.

سانتا ماریا (قرن پانزدهم)

كشتي سه دكله كريستف كلمب، سانتا ماريا پرچمدار اولين سفر دريايي معروف بود۔

جنگ های ناپلئونی

ناپلئون اول، کسی که خودش تاج امپراتوری را بر سر گذاشت، یکی از برجسته ترین فرماندهان نظامی تاریخ بود۔

Ancient Greek merchant ship

Ancient Greeks became the ‘carters of the sea’ thanks to their advanced sailing ships.

Battle of Trafalgar (1805)

The British Royal Fleet led by Admiral Lord Nelson defeated the combined Franco-Spanish fleet in the naval battle during the Napoleonic Wars.

Battleship (HMS Dreadnought, 1906)

HMS Dreadnought revolutionised battleship-building in the 20th century.


A sailing vessel with characteristic lugsails used for both military and trade purposes.

Mail coach service (Great Britain, 18th century)

Before the emergence of motorised vehicles, letters and parcels were delivered by horse-drawn mail coaches.

Modern empires

Numerous legendary empires were built (and destroyed) in the course of history.

Polynesian catamaran

Polynesians travelled huge distances with their specially designed boats.

The first voyage of James Cook

James Cook's legendary journey around the world proved to be enormously valuable for science.

The Victorian era

The scene depicts the extremities of the Victorian era, presenting the throne room and a workhouse.

Tower of London (16th century)

The intriguing history of this historic castle spans nearly a thousand years.

بايرم (کشتی جنگی پارويي باستان)

بايرم نوعی کشتی جنگی باستانی است که دارای یک بخش برجسته رو به جلوي كشتي و دو عرشه پارويي است که ارتش هاي بسياري از آن استفاده كرده اند۔

Darwin's legendary voyage

Darwin's legendary voyage aboard HMS Beagle played a crucial role in the development of the Theory of Evolution.

Quinquereme (3rd century BC)

The warship having several rows of oars was the typical warship of the Hellenistic era.

Traditional Arab sailboat (Sambuk)

The largest type of Arab sailboat, most commonly used as trading vessels in the Persian Gulf.

USS Missouri (US, 1944)

The battleship USS Missouri, first deployed during WWII was also deployed in the Gulf War.

Viking longship (10th century)

These excellent shipbuilders and sailors travelled great distances on the seas and rivers.

جيمزتاون (قرن هفدهم ميلادي)

جيمزتاون در ۱۶۰۷ تاسيس شد، اولين شهر انگليسي در ساحل شرقي آمريكاي شمالي بود۔

تایتانیک -۱۹۱۲-

آر ام اس تایتانیک بزرگترین کشتی مسافربری در آغاز قرن بیستم بود۔

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