Russian alphabet game

Practice the Russian alphabet, build words from letters.

English alphabet game

Practice the English alphabet, build words from letters.

German alphabet game

Practice the German alphabet and form words from the letters.

Administrative divisions of China

A presentation of the major administrative units of China.

Ukrainian Cossack (17th century)

Cossacks, members of independent semi-military communities, played an important role in the history of Ukraine.

The Zuiderzee Works and the Delta Works (Netherlands)

Remarkable civil engineering works to continue the Netherland's centuries-long fight against the sea.

Ratio of volumes of similar solids

This 3D scene explains the correlation between the ratio of similarity and the ratio of volume of geometric solids.

Great Mosque of Djenné (1907)

The mosque, built in a distinctive architectural style, is the largest adobe structure in the world.

Carbonic acid (H₂CO₃)

Colorless, odorless liquid produced by dissolving carbon dioxide in water.

American bison

The American bison is the largest land animal in North America.


There are various types of instruments used for measuring temperature.

Rimac Concept One

Rimac Automobili's first model is known as the world's fastest production electric vehicle.


A polynucleotid made up of phosphoric acid, ribose, and nucleobases (cytosine, uracil, adenine and guanine).

Apple tree

The apple is one of the most popular fruits around the world.

Administrative divisions of Austria

This animation presents the states and state capitals of Austria.


Entertaining and spectacular animation to practice orientation in space.

Muscles of the upper arm

The arms are moved by flexor and extensor muscles.

The skull and the spine

The two main parts of the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord are protected by the skull and the spinal column.

Bones of the lower limbs

Bones of the lower limbs are connected to the trunk by the pelvis.

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