Napoleon´s soldier (19th century)

Napoleon´s soldier (19th century)

Napoleon Bonaparte´s Grande Armée was considered invincible.



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  • Where was Napoleon exiled to in 1814?
  • Where did Napoleon die?
  • Is it true that Napoleon had difficulties in harmonizing different branches of his army (cavalry, infantry, artillery)?
  • When did the Napoleonic Wars take place?
  • What great power did not participate in the Napoleonic Wars?
  • Where was there no major military confrontation related to the Napoleonic Wars?
  • Which country´s fleet defeated Napoleon´s fleet?
  • Which capital city was not occupied by Napoleon´s army?
  • Which capital city was not occupied by Napoleon´s army?
  • What was the reason for the failure of the Russian Campaign in 1812?
  • Which event (related to Napoleon´s life) happened first?
  • Which of these is called the Battle of the Three Emperors?
  • Which of these is called the Battle of the Nations?
  • In which battle did Napoleon suffer his final defeat?
  • When did Napoleon die?
  • What is special about Napoleon´s coronation as Emperor?
  • Which of these is true of Napoleon´s army?
  • Is it true that Napoleon´s army owed its successes to their general´s outstanding skills?
  • Is it true that Napoleon knew many of his soldiers personally?
  • Is it true that Napoleon never fought alongside his soldiers?
  • Is it true that Napoleon paid his mercenaries from the French treasury?
  • According to sources, what was the nickname given to Napoleon by his soldiers?
  • Which of these is the main hero of the Battle of Trafalgar?
  • Who was the legendary commander of the Battle of Waterloo?
  • Which general was NOT anti-Napoleon?
  • What is the name of the alliance against Napoleon formed at the Congress of Vienna between 1814–1815?
  • Which of these novels makes NO reference to the Napoleonic Wars?
  • What served as a model for the structure of the Napoleonic army?
  • Is it true that Napoleon´s soldiers did not pitch tents when camping?
  • Which branch of Napoleon´s army did not participate in the French Invasion of Russia in 1812?


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