Labor camp in Hungary (Recsk)

Labor camp in Hungary (Recsk)

About 1,500 people were taken to the labor camp also known as ‘the Hungarian Gulag’ during the Rákosi era.



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  • When did the Recsk labor camp function?
  • What happened to the Recsk labor camp in 1953?
  • How many internment and labor camps were built in Hungary in the early 1950s?
  • What is not true about the life in the Recsk labor camp?
  • What was not found on the site of the Recsk labor camp?
  • Which organization controlled internment and labor camps in Hungary?
  • How many people managed to successfully escape from the labor camp?
  • Is it true that the Hungarian government tried to keep the existence of labor camps in secret?
  • What are the crude beds used in the barracks of labor camps called?
  • How many barracks were here in the Recsk labor camp?
  • What was the basic weapon of the guards in the Recsk labor camp?
  • How many internees lived in a 20 m (65.62 ft) long and 7 m (22.97 ft) wide barrack?
  • How many people died in the Recsk labor camp due to the inhuman conditions?


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