Austrian Habsburg infantryman

Austrian Habsburg infantryman

The infantry of the Habsburg Empire were deployed in numerous battles.



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  • Which peace treaty put an end to the ´Long War´?
  • Who was the initiator of the Holy League?
  • In which year did the Ottoman army attempt for the last time to lay siege to Vienna?
  • The siege of which town led to the creation of the Holy League?
  • Who was the leader of the Kuruc movement?
  • Who was Zrínyi Miklós´s tutor?
  • How did Zrínyi Miklós die?
  • In which year did Zrínyi Miklós´s armies burn down the Suleiman Bridge in Osijek?
  • Who led the anti-Habsburg uprising of 1604–1606?
  • Which of these was the ruler of Transylvania in the 17th century?
  • The reign of which prince is called the Golden Age of Transylvania?
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