Titanic (1912)

Titanic (1912)

RMS Titanic was the largest passenger ship at the beginning of the 20th century.



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  • Is it true that the Titanic was the largest ocean liner of its age?
  • When was the Titanic launched?
  • Which company owned the Titanic?
  • What was the length of the Titanic?
  • What was the maximum speed of the Titanic?
  • How many passengers could the Titanic carry?
  • What was the number of the Titanic's crew?
  • Where did the Titanic start its first voyage?
  • What was the planned destination of the Titanic?
  • When did the Titanic sink?
  • When did the Titanic hit the iceberg?
  • In which year did the disaster of the Titanic take place?
  • Is it true that the Titanic broke in two while sinking?
  • Is it true that most of the passengers of the Titanic survived the catastrophe?
  • Where was the Titanic built?
  • Which ship was not the sister ship of the Titanic?
  • What was the surname of the Titanic's captain?
  • Who were the first to be evacuated to the lifeboats?
  • Which ship was the first to hear the distress signals of the Titanic?
  • Which ship helped the shipwrecked passengers of the Titanic?
  • How many people were aboard the Titanic at the time of the catastrophe?
  • How many people survived the catastrophe?
  • How many people lost their lives in the catastrophe?
  • At the bottom of which ocean are the wrecks of the Titanic still lying?
  • How many propellers did the Titanic have?
  • Which part of the deck was nearest to the bow of the ship?
  • How many funnels did the Titanic have?
  • What was not part of the Titanic's deck?
  • Where were the wires of the radio telegraph system strung?
  • Is it true that there was no crow's nest on the Titanic?
  • How wide was the Titanic (at the water level)?
  • What was the draught of the Titanic?


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