Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions - War machines

Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions - War machines

Leonardo also designed a wide variety of artillery weapons.

Visual Arts

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  • barrel mouth
  • barrel
  • adjustment arch
  • pivot
  • crank
  • rope
  • anchor
  • leather cover
  • metal balls
  • base
  • trestle
  • projectile

Mortar (around 1504)

The mortar was not invented by Leonardo, it had been in military use for centuries previously.

The novelty of Leonardo's mortar was that he designed a leather sac filled with metal shrapnel or metal balls to be used as a projectile. When the leather sac explodes, its contents would scatter over a much larger area, causing greater damage in the ranks of the enemy.

Multi-barrelled machine gun

  • operating T-bar
  • main rotating mechanism
  • wheel
  • barrel
  • loading door

Multi-barrelled machine gun (around 1482)

Among Leonardo's sketches of military equipment there are several plans for rapid-firing weapons. One of these was a fan-shaped, multi-barrelled machine gun. According to the master's plans, projectiles could have been fired from the barrels one by one or all at the same time.


  • barrel
  • projectiles
  • horizontal adjustment plate
  • carriage
  • elevation adjustment frame

Spingarde (around 1482)

Many of Leonardo's military inventions were cannons. One of the most important (although less spectacular) sketches was that of a breech-loading cannon. Leonardo's innovation was its greater mobility and an adjustable carriage.

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Leonardo was not only a master artist, but also an accomplished military engineer.

Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions – Aerial screw (around 1489)

The polymath thought that if a screw-like structure can rotate fast enough, it will 'drill' into the air and fly.

Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions – Flapping wing (1487–1489)

Leonardo based the design of the flapping wing on birds' wings and a faulty hypothesis.

Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions – Swing bridge (1487–1489)

Leonardo's creative legacy also includes several projects related to bridges. This unusual swing bridge allowed for undisturbed water traffic.

Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions - Flying machine (1488–1489)

The aim of this extraordinarily complex study was to mimic the different phases of the flight of birds.

Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions - Mechanical wing (1493–1495)

The mechanical wing is one of the masterpieces among Leonardo's sketches related to aviation.

Cannon operation (18th century)

The cannon was an important type of firearms at the beginning of modern history, widespread both on land and water.

Naval cannon (17th century)

Cannons also appeared in naval warfare.

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