Benedictine abbey (Tihany, Hungary)

Benedictine abbey (Tihany, Hungary)

The Benedictine abbey was founded by King Andrew I in 1055.



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  • Who was the Abbey of Tihany dedicated to?
  • Which one is the oldest text containing segments in old Hungarian language?
  • Which king of Hungary was buried in the crypt of the Abbey of Tihany?
  • How tall are the spires of the Abbey church?
  • When was the founding charter of the Benedictine abbey issued?
  • Which King of Hungary founded the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany?
  • What does the word ´nave´ mean?
  • Where do monks live?
  • When did the Great Schism occur?
  • What is the motto of the Order of Saint Benedict?
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  • What is not one of the three evangelical counsels?
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  • When did St Benedict of Nursia live?
  • Who founded the Benedictine order?
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