Ancient Egyptian house

Ancient Egyptian house

An average Egyptian dwelling consisted of regularly arranged rooms.



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  • What was the most common building material of Egyptian houses?
  • Why were Egyptian houses built tightly next to each other, sunk in the sand?
  • Is it true that the majority of Egyptian houses were single storey houses?
  • Is it true that rooms were not organised within the houses?
  • What type of 'room' was usually not part of Egyptian houses?
  • What was the shape of windows and doorways in Egyptian houses?
  • What was not found in ancient Egyptian dwellings?
  • What was the furniture of an average Egyptian dwelling made of?
  • What was the name of pots used for storing crops?
  • What was NOT stored in an ancient Egyptian pantry?
  • What was NOT stored in an ancient Egyptian pantry?
  • Which of these foods was possible to be found in an ancient Egyptian pantry?
  • Which of these foods was possible to be found in an ancient Egyptian pantry?
  • Which river was ancient Egypt the 'gift' of?
  • Which continent was ancient Egypt located on?
  • What was the main task of women in ancient Egypt?
  • What 'profession' could an ancient Egyptian woman NOT have?
  • What was the main material of ancient Egyptian clothes?
  • What is NOT true for the climate of ancient Egypt?
  • Which was the most important room in an ancient Egyptian house?
  • Which furniture was not known to ancient Egyptians?
  • How many times a day did ancient Egyptians eat?
  • What did ancient Egyptians use for skin care?
  • Which instrument was not known in ancient Egypt?
  • What sport did ancient Egyptians not do?
  • What did Egyptians use to sweeten their food?
  • What was the most common material of the floor of Egyptian houses?


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