Ancient Egyptian deities

Ancient Egyptian deities

Ancient Egyptians worshipped a large number of gods and goddesses.



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  • What is characteristic of Ancient Egyptian religion?
  • Who was the deity of writing and science?
  • Who was the deity of disorder and violence?
  • Who was the deity of the sky?
  • Which deity was the patron of cats?
  • Who was the deity of beauty and love?
  • Which deity was commonly depicted as a falcon?
  • Which deity was commonly depicted as a crocodile?
  • Which deity was commonly depicted as a cow?
  • Which deity was commonly depicted as a man with the head of an ibis?
  • Which deity was commonly depicted as a jackal?
  • Who was the offspring of Isis and Osiris?
  • After which deity was the first month of the Ancient Egyptian calendar named?
  • Which deity was considered the patron of doctors?
  • Egyptian rulers were the earthly representatives of which god?
  • Whose Greek counterpart is Aphrodite?
  • Which deity weighed the hearts of the deceased?
  • Which city was Amun's most important cult centre?
  • Which god was regarded as the father of the pharaohs?
  • Which of the following deities is the oldest?
  • Which deity was a Sun god?
  • Sobek was depicted with the head of which animal?
  • Anubis was depicted with the head of which animal?
  • Horus was depicted with the head of which animal?
  • Which deity was the god of mummification?


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